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Dressing Up Daily: Just Peachy & illustration!

HELLO, MY DARLINGS! Here are some more of the photographs from the wonderful Steve from Fotodreamz. Again, he can be found here or here! :)

 HE’S VERY GOOD, isn’t he? I don’t wear light colours like peach very often, but I found this dress in a charity shop for just £3! I loved the cut and the pleated skirt, so I felt I rather had to get it! The last photo was one of the last of the set & I was told to do something unexpected. So, I put my foot on my head. Obviously. (It’s my favourite party trick!)  I was also inspired by these images to do an illustration! I’m getting really into fashion illustration at the moment & I’ve got a few images that I’ll be putting up here soon… But here’s a bit of a taster, I guess? The reference image belongs to Fotodreamz.

I hope you like it, my sweethearts. <3 You can hype it on LOOKBOOK if you like it, or if you’d like to see more of my Dressing Up Days. c: I’m working on more illustrations so stay tuned as I may be feature a couple of beautiful bloggers… ;)

Well, sweet dreams my dears! Take care! 


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Thunderscribbles: Wings

Hello again! I’m trying to keep this blog updated more often… Why am I not doing ANYTHING interesting with my life?! I am working on a couple of more finished paintings/drawings, but this is one that I finished a month or two ago. It’s a little different from my usual style but I like it – I definitely need to practice realism more often.

'Wings' by K.Thunderstone, pencil/watercolour/tea.

I really hope you guys like it! It’s my first example of my work on this blog! Gasp!

Love and kisses,

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