My heart is nuclear. ♥

If you know me well (or at all), you’re probably aware that I’m genuinely in love with Greek-Welsh singer/songwriter Marina Diamandis, aka Marina & the Diamonds. She’s a very engaging indie-pop-i don’t know what, but she’s one of those fantastic artists who manages to create exactly what is in my head & can’t say! Intelligent, creative lyrics, one of the most individual and exquisite voices I’ve heard & of course she’s fucking GORGEOUS. It was love at first sight! (Hollywood video; long dark hair, red lips and super quirky fashion! I was defenseless!)

Look at those curves! Anyone who says only stick thin girls can be sexy just needs to look at Marina...

She’s just released some new stuff and, although one of the songs is very different, it is still AMAZING. She’s creating a piece of art with her music, and it’s a shame so many people can’t see the concept but it’s so beautiful! I love dance music and what’s this – dance with SOUL? It’s a concept asdfghjjj I just love it. <3

Listen to part one here:   & part two here:

I also recommend the acoustic version of Radioactive.  She’s incredible & I hope you guys like her as much as I do! <3

Love and kisses,


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