Nuclear Fashion { fabulous feet } ; Ankleboots

It’s starting to get colder (sob) & this only means I’m going to have to break out out the jeans & woolly tights again (as well as developing a rather unhealthy relationship with my duvet).  Normally, I just wrap up in a coat and the warmest trousers I can find – but no more! Miss Thunderstone is going to look FABULOUSLY AUTUMNAL. Yes. Well, I’ve also fallen in love with ankle boots, a perfectly vital addition to my wardrobe, so I bring you a selection that I’ve found while roaming the internet, gorging myself on beauties that I will never be able to afford. Oh, a thousand curses on the life of an Starving Art Student!


1, 2, 3, 4,

5, 6, 7.

MMMF. I really want number 7 as a general everyday boot (they look comfy, right?) & number 3 for the same reason. Number 5 got me all excited when I saw – fuck yeah statement shoes! I love animal prints & I love turquoise! (In fact, I just love Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita collection, oh please bless my feet with your presence! Why do they have to be so expensive?!) However, my absolute favourites are the Tapestry Kitten Litas. Oh my GOSH. I cannot explain in words just how much I really, truly, completely love these shoes. Come someone please give me £95 so I can buy them? Please. It’s an investment, I promise!

If I was a shoe – I would be these.

Sweet dreams birdies,


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