I wanted to be beautiful, intelligent, talented & creative.

…BUT, DARLING, I WANT TOO MUCH. Unlike most people, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I have a tendency to make those optimistic promises over the summer, or specifically – starting the new school year. I will work harder, I will get the top grades, this is the year! It worked last year when I vowed to be more organised with my college work – I ended up (for the first time..ever) getting the top grade! So, I want to work on becoming a better person and really start to push myself again. Here are some things that I scribbled down in a notebook last night, that I really want to improve on.

  • Wear nicer clothes.
  • Draw more finished illustrations.
  • Do some crazy silly paintings!
  • Keep things tidy for longer than a week.
  • Go outside and explore!
  • Learn DIY – sewing, bookbinding, jewelery, crafts.
  • Write more often, about anything! Especially, I’d like to explore creative writing.
  • Do some sort of exercise! Yoga?
  • Get that tattoo.
  • Learn photography, take pictures of wonderful people & happy times.
  • Read more! Read anything!
  • See my friends more often.
  • Spend less time on the internet doing nothing.
  • Write some quality blog posts.

(source) weheartit.com

And I will have to do these without spending any money! Hmm. Makes some of them a little tricky (is it even possible to make quality clothing without a sewing machine?) It’ll be a challenge, definitely… Maybe I’ll check back here in a few months or so and see which of the above I’ve done! Oh, and don’t forget, Kit, you need to learn how to cook, clean and live independently next year, as well as doing the best you can in university. Because, y’know, that isn’t going to be difficult enough without this little extra challenge.

Love and kisses,


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