The Promise & and some silly photos!


OH GOODNESS, MY SWEETS, it’s been ever such a long time since I last updated. I really need to keep this thing updated! An awful lot has happened since I last wrote something down here. I’m no longer working as a piercing apprentice :( , but I am going to University in EXACTLY one month and one day! Gasp! I hoping to make a lot of changes to myself, work on being a better person, radical self-love and all that jazz. And, that includes keeping a note of my life. So, The Promise. I am going to update this blog at least once a week. So, I will take at least an hour or two to update you lovelies on what I’m doing. I will do it! I WILL.

WELL, A QUICK UPDATE and some photographs I think, to wrap this up? I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with my darling beloved. Nearly three whole weeks! As some of you may, or may not know, I am in a Long-Distance-Relationship with a very lovely chap. He’s worth it, but it’s frustrating not being able to see each other very often. However, we went on a quaint holiday with my parents in Gloustershire in a little caravan. It was so nice having him around while walking around abbeys and forests! A delightful time. And now, I’m spending a week at his house while his parents are away. We’re just chilling out, watching films and playing video games. (I even beat him at Mario Kart!!) Such a shame it has to end.



 Isn’t he adorable?! The corridor we’re walking through was filmed in Harry Potter – we were told we were going to the Great Hall and got very excited, only to find out that it was just one of Hogwart’s measly corridors! We sat and watched the swifts in Tintern Abbey for ages, it was so relaxing and sweet. Ahh, well, he’s lovely! I can smell sausages coming from the kitchen (thank goodness my boy can cook!) so I am going to head off and have some delicious nibbles!

Love and kisses, sweethearts!


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