a brand new day

HELLO DARLING BLOG-READERS! This is Kitty Thunderstone speaking, pleased to make your acquaintance.  This is my new blog, telling you dears about my wonderfully exciting life. I will try not to bore you with a standard “my name is kitty and i like piercings, pin up girls and pokemon” post, but here we go. I daresay I shall tell you about my day?

TODAY, I STARTED MY NEW JOB. Gasp! An exciting day in anyone’s life, right? I’ve never been employed before, and although this isn’t a real job with, y’know, payment, I’m really happy to be starting. I’ve not had the best year thus far so it’s sooo lovely to see things starting to look up. And look up they truly are, as I have lucked into my dream job… I shall explain.

I have been unsuccessful in my university applications this year; with tuition fee rising next year, it’s no surprise that so many more people are applying than usual. Horror!, I thought as I was rejected from my last resort, I will never be able to get a career in my beloved Illustration! I finished my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and faced a long summer of uncertainty and boredom… However, LITERALLY the day before I finished, I was notified regarding a facebook status. (A facebook status! How does one get a JOB from a facebook status I hear you cry…) My local tattoo and piercing studio declared that they were pleased to announce their search for a PIERCING APPRENTICE.

Now, unless you have wanted to pursue a career in either piercing or tattooing, you are probably unaware as to how difficult it is to find an apprenticeship. Most people seeking them have searched for years  and been unable to find one. If they are found, they are almost certainly expensive. (My boss was telling another hopeful that there was a parlor in Canterbury that sometimes offers apprenticeships, but he tends to charge £1500. FIFTEEN HUNDRED. For a mere three to six months of education.) Mine in my own town and although I am not being paid, I do not have to pay a penny! My luck has changed, at long last, and I have somehow found myself in this apprenticeship. I have a future!

I saw three clients pierced, after The Boss tested my basic knowledge of piercings by asking me to label images of faces, bodies and ears. One of them fainted (!!), another was scared of needles and requested that I hold her hand, the other didn’t even squeak. A VERY exciting and interesting day. I already feel like I’ve learnt a lot and I can’t wait to go back!

I SHOULD PROBABLY BE OFF, but I shall definitely be writing in here more often. I’d even like to do my own illustrations instead of using images found on Google or photos of myself – wouldn’t that be an interesting read? Hehe, I’ll be speaking to you again soon, my darlings.

I hope you don’t miss me too much!

Love and kisses, sweethearts!


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