Dressing Up Daily: Just Peachy & illustration!

HELLO, MY DARLINGS! Here are some more of the photographs from the wonderful Steve from Fotodreamz. Again, he can be found here or here! :)

 HE’S VERY GOOD, isn’t he? I don’t wear light colours like peach very often, but I found this dress in a charity shop for just £3! I loved the cut and the pleated skirt, so I felt I rather had to get it! The last photo was one of the last of the set & I was told to do something unexpected. So, I put my foot on my head. Obviously. (It’s my favourite party trick!)  I was also inspired by these images to do an illustration! I’m getting really into fashion illustration at the moment & I’ve got a few images that I’ll be putting up here soon… But here’s a bit of a taster, I guess? The reference image belongs to Fotodreamz.

I hope you like it, my sweethearts. <3 You can hype it on LOOKBOOK if you like it, or if you’d like to see more of my Dressing Up Days. c: I’m working on more illustrations so stay tuned as I may be feature a couple of beautiful bloggers… ;)

Well, sweet dreams my dears! Take care! 


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My heart is nuclear. ♥

If you know me well (or at all), you’re probably aware that I’m genuinely in love with Greek-Welsh singer/songwriter Marina Diamandis, aka Marina & the Diamonds. She’s a very engaging indie-pop-i don’t know what, but she’s one of those fantastic artists who manages to create exactly what is in my head & can’t say! Intelligent, creative lyrics, one of the most individual and exquisite voices I’ve heard & of course she’s fucking GORGEOUS. It was love at first sight! (Hollywood video; long dark hair, red lips and super quirky fashion! I was defenseless!)

Look at those curves! Anyone who says only stick thin girls can be sexy just needs to look at Marina...

She’s just released some new stuff and, although one of the songs is very different, it is still AMAZING. She’s creating a piece of art with her music, and it’s a shame so many people can’t see the concept but it’s so beautiful! I love dance music and what’s this – dance with SOUL? It’s a concept asdfghjjj I just love it. <3

Listen to part one here:   & part two here:

I also recommend the acoustic version of Radioactive.  She’s incredible & I hope you guys like her as much as I do! <3

Love and kisses,

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Dressing Up Daily: It was windy on the beach…

HELLO, MY DARLINGS! I hope you guys are doing well… I got some photos back from one of the three photoshoots I did in a week. I worked with the lovely Steve at Fotodreamz photography, who takes beautifully dreamy photographs which have been published on book covers several times! Check out his website here & his Model Mayhem profile here! :) This is one of the outfits I wore as I was going for a  vintage look. I hope you guys like it!

You can also find this on Lookbook, so you guys can ‘hype’ it if you’d like! :)

I do have some other lovely photographs, but I am planning on posting those a little bit later… ;) Stay tuned for those, they include some rather strange poses on my behalf..!

Sweet dreams, darlings,

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Nuclear Fashion { fabulous feet } ; Ankleboots

It’s starting to get colder (sob) & this only means I’m going to have to break out out the jeans & woolly tights again (as well as developing a rather unhealthy relationship with my duvet).  Normally, I just wrap up in a coat and the warmest trousers I can find – but no more! Miss Thunderstone is going to look FABULOUSLY AUTUMNAL. Yes. Well, I’ve also fallen in love with ankle boots, a perfectly vital addition to my wardrobe, so I bring you a selection that I’ve found while roaming the internet, gorging myself on beauties that I will never be able to afford. Oh, a thousand curses on the life of an Starving Art Student!


1, 2, 3, 4,

5, 6, 7.

MMMF. I really want number 7 as a general everyday boot (they look comfy, right?) & number 3 for the same reason. Number 5 got me all excited when I saw – fuck yeah statement shoes! I love animal prints & I love turquoise! (In fact, I just love Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita collection, oh please bless my feet with your presence! Why do they have to be so expensive?!) However, my absolute favourites are the Tapestry Kitten Litas. Oh my GOSH. I cannot explain in words just how much I really, truly, completely love these shoes. Come someone please give me £95 so I can buy them? Please. It’s an investment, I promise!

If I was a shoe – I would be these.

Sweet dreams birdies,

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Take me to the circus, Coco…

Today, I bring you something I fell in love with a while ago. This beautiful photo set by Solve Sundsbo of Coco Rocha (what a beautiful name!) is just gorgeous.

 picture source: (here)

They are just so overwhelmingly beautiful! I love everything about them; the make up, the styling, the red curls..! Goddamnit, I wish I looked like that!

Sweet dreams, my darlings,

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Thunderscribbles: Wings

Hello again! I’m trying to keep this blog updated more often… Why am I not doing ANYTHING interesting with my life?! I am working on a couple of more finished paintings/drawings, but this is one that I finished a month or two ago. It’s a little different from my usual style but I like it – I definitely need to practice realism more often.

'Wings' by K.Thunderstone, pencil/watercolour/tea.

I really hope you guys like it! It’s my first example of my work on this blog! Gasp!

Love and kisses,

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I wanted to be beautiful, intelligent, talented & creative.

…BUT, DARLING, I WANT TOO MUCH. Unlike most people, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I have a tendency to make those optimistic promises over the summer, or specifically – starting the new school year. I will work harder, I will get the top grades, this is the year! It worked last year when I vowed to be more organised with my college work – I ended up (for the first time..ever) getting the top grade! So, I want to work on becoming a better person and really start to push myself again. Here are some things that I scribbled down in a notebook last night, that I really want to improve on.

  • Wear nicer clothes.
  • Draw more finished illustrations.
  • Do some crazy silly paintings!
  • Keep things tidy for longer than a week.
  • Go outside and explore!
  • Learn DIY – sewing, bookbinding, jewelery, crafts.
  • Write more often, about anything! Especially, I’d like to explore creative writing.
  • Do some sort of exercise! Yoga?
  • Get that tattoo.
  • Learn photography, take pictures of wonderful people & happy times.
  • Read more! Read anything!
  • See my friends more often.
  • Spend less time on the internet doing nothing.
  • Write some quality blog posts.

(source) weheartit.com

And I will have to do these without spending any money! Hmm. Makes some of them a little tricky (is it even possible to make quality clothing without a sewing machine?) It’ll be a challenge, definitely… Maybe I’ll check back here in a few months or so and see which of the above I’ve done! Oh, and don’t forget, Kit, you need to learn how to cook, clean and live independently next year, as well as doing the best you can in university. Because, y’know, that isn’t going to be difficult enough without this little extra challenge.

Love and kisses,

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